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Why choose InstaCharts?

These features come fully loaded out of the box.

Quickly explore your data

Upload a spreadsheet and go! Recognizes csv, excel, tsv, json file types and more. Your data is presented in a sortable, filterable data table for easy viewing.

Simple Interface

Unsure of what you're looking for? Quickly change chart attributes without digging through multiple submenus or highlighting ranges.

Smart Data Detection

Auto detects column types and formatting from your spreadsheet, saving you time.

Interactive Charts

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Hover over data points to get the full story of your data.

Share your findings

Share interactive charts with your team via a link. Or download chart images to .png or .svg for easy embedding in reports.

Advanced Data Science User?

Use InstaCharts to produce a chart quickly, then export to Vega for further refinement.


Peek inside

Make a chart now!

Create some of the most used charts in business to see how your data relates to itself.

Column Type Autodetection

Smart technology detects dates, numbers, currencies and names. The software makes recommendations on which axis to graph each column.

Auto Aggregation

Aggregates your data for you, based on which columns are selected as axis. Change the aggregation function on the fly, from a preset list. A real time saver!

Export Data

Also interested in data? Easily view or export the data produced by the chart into csv or json formats.

Create and share nice looking charts in no time flat

Step 1: Add File

Login to your account or open the free online demo. Click New Sheet, select a spreadsheet from your device; its data will be processed and displayed in a data table.

Step 2: Customize Chart

A chart has been automatically created! Customize it. Filter your data. Change the chart type, axis & chart size. Edit chart titles, color scheme and formatting.

Step 3: Share

Share interactive charts and data tables with others through a public link. Download your chart to png, svg or export your chart to vega for further refinement. Export your chart data to a spreadsheet.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is InstaCharts?

InstaCharts is an online chart generator that automatically makes charts from spreadsheet files. Charts and data tables can be shared with others through public links. Chart images can be exported for embedding in reports.

Which chart types are available?

There are 10 chart types available, including a filterable and sortable data table. They are: line chart, grouped line chart, bar chart, stacked bar chart, area chart, stacked area chart, scatterplot chart, grouped scatterplot chart and pie chart.

Is it free?

Yes, InstaCharts has a generous free tier where you can try out all features. It is limited to 500 rows of data and all charts will have a watermark. Upgrade your subscription to remove these restrictions.

What happens to my data if I cancel?

Your data will still be accessible, but from within the free tier limits.

What kinds of data are supported?

InstaCharts can autodetect currencies, some date formats, timestamps, and numbers across various locales. Many spreadsheet file types are supported including csv, excel, psv, tsv, log, json and json lines.

Can I send a chart/data table to another person?

Absolutely! From the share window, turn on the public link for a particular chart. You can customize what is shared - the chart, the data table, turn off editor controls, etc.

Can I embed my chart in a website?

Yes, this feature is coming soon!

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