Online Chart Maker

Create charts from csv files online with our no code chart maker.

Either paste in spreadsheet data, or upload a .csv, .tsv, .psv, .json or .jsonl spreadsheet file and have a chart automatically created for you!

Click export to download your chart as a .png or .svg file. You can also export your data to a spreadsheet file.

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What is InstaCharts online chart maker?

The chart maker is a demo of our full chart making app, InstaCharts.

Use the chart maker to help visualize your csv or excel data in various chart formats, such as stacked bar charts, line charts and pie charts. This demo interface allows you to upload a csv file or paste in spreadsheet data. After your data has been analyzed, a chart will be created for you. You can then edit the chart, or download the chart as a .png or .svg image file.

How to use the chart maker

  1. 1. Upload or paste your CSV data: Click the "New Sheet" button. You can upload a spreadsheet by clicking on the "From File" button, or press the "Paste in Text" button to show a textbox where you can paste in your data.
  2. 2. That was it! A chart was created from your data. Optionally further refine your chart.
  3. 3. Select a chart type: Choose from 8 different chart types including stacked bar chart, line chart and pie chart.
  4. 4. Change axis columns: Select different columns to appear on the x and y axis from the main dropdowns.
  5. 5. Edit text: Edit chart text from the left sidebar; optionally choose a different color theme for your chart.
  6. 6. Download your chart: Click Export to download the chart image as a .png or .svg file
  7. 7. Share & Embed: Want to share your chart through a public link or embed it in a webpage? Sign up for an InstaCharts account