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How to create a chart from survey results

Stacked Bar charts easily show how two different survey sub categories relate to each other

Stacked Bar charts easily show how two different survey sub categories relate to each other

Create and share charts

Need to create a chart from survey results in a hurry? Want to share your findings with a coworker? InstaCharts makes it easy.

TLDR: Try the demo or sign up for a free account!

Open InstaCharts

Login to your InstaCharts account if you plan on sharing your data and interactive chart with others. Use the demo to try InstaCharts without signing up, or if you don’t need to save and share your chart.

Load your survey

Data tab View full survey results in a data table for easy filtering, editing and sorting. Our example chart summarizes all 73k rows of the Stack Overflow 2022 Dev Survey

Click New Sheet and select the survey results file from your device. Click OK and the spreadsheet will be processed and displayed in the Data tab.

Choose Chart Type

Stacked Bar charts easily show how two different sub categories relate to each other. To showcase survey results, this chart type is highly recommended.

Choose a category for both the X and Group Axis. The X-Axis controls the data along the bottom of the chart, and the Group Axis picks the data showcased in the legend. Set the Y-Axis aggregation to Count in order to count the rows of each survey response.

Further Customize the Chart

Once you have the chart type and axis figured out, the chart can be refined further via the sidebar.

Chart Text

The x-axis, y-axis, legend title and chart title all auto update based on your selections. If you wish to override this text, click Edit Chart Text to change it. Subtitles and number formatting can also be set from this panel.

Chart Appearance

The chart’s width and height can be changed from the Size & Options side bar. The chart’s color scheme can also be changed here.

Limit Items

Too many items appearing in the chart? Limit the number of items that appear using the Limit Items sidebar.

Filter Data

Want to restrict the data that appears in the chart? Click on the data tab and apply multiple filters per column. There is also a quick filter in the main toolbar that will filter all columns by the search term.

Export & Share

Share charts through the Share window, located on the main toolbar (sharing is an accounts only feature). You can share a static image of your chart, or a copy of the interactive chart via a public link.

Need to embed the survey results chart in a report? Use the Export window to download your chart as an image file (.png or .svg). You can also use the Export window to download chart data to a csv, tsv or json file.

Give it a try

InstaCharts is a powerful tool that can help you create and share professional-looking charts in seconds. Signup for a free account today!

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