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How to generate a graph from a csv file

Upload a csv to instantly produce a graph or scatterplot

Upload a csv to instantly produce a graph or scatterplot

Generate a graph from a csv file

Need to create a graph from a csv file in a hurry? Want to easily change your scatterplot’s axis or type? InstaCharts makes it easy.

TLDR: Try the demo or sign up for a free account!

1. Load your csv

Data tab View your csv spreadsheet data on the Data Tab

Click New Sheet and select the csv file from your device. Click OK and the data from the csv file will be processed and displayed in the Data tab. Column types will be auto detected for each column in the spreadsheet, saving you time from having to manually set each one.

2. Edit your chart

Select Chart Type A grouped scatterplot allows you to color code the graphed points

A chart will be produced on the Chart tab. To produce a graph, set the chart type to either Scatterplot or Grouped Scatterplot. The major features you can change are explained below.

Chart Type - Scatterplot

Choose Scatterplot when there are numerical values to graph in both the X and Y-axis.

Chart Type - Grouped Scatterplot

Choose Grouped Scatterplot not only when there are numerical values to graph in both the X and Y-axis, but you want to highlight different groups of data within the scatterplot with colors.


The X and Y-axis can be selected from any column in the spreadsheet. For a scatterplot graph, it is recommended to choose numerical values for both the X and Y-axis. If the chart type is Grouped Scatterplot, an additional third axis will appear called Groups. This axis determines the color coded groups within the graph.

Chart Text

The X-axis, Y-axis, legend title and chart title are all auto updated based on your selections. If you wish to override this text, click Edit Chart Text to edit it.

Chart Appearance

The chart’s width and height can be edited from the Chart Options side menu. The chart’s color scheme is also able to be changed from this menu.

3. Export

Export your chart to a .png or .svg file via the File menu. You are also able to export the original sheet data, or the data the chart produced, also via the File menu.


The demo mode is limited to process a maximum of 500 rows per spreadsheet. Join the InstaCharts waitlist to be allowed into the main app, bypassing the restrictions of demo mode.

Give it a try

InstaCharts is a powerful tool that can help you create professional-looking charts in seconds. Give the demo a try!

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