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Export Data

To export data, open the export dialog, located on the main toolbar. The Export dialog is also accessible through the File Menu.

Export Dialog

To export data, click the Data tab. Select your options, and click the Export button. A data file in the format you specified will be downloaded to your device.

Export your data from the Export Dialog

There are two main options. You can either export the spreadsheet data, or the aggregated chart data

Export Spreadsheet Data

Select spreadsheet data to download the data that is located on the data tab. Any filters that are applied will also be applied to the data export.

Export Aggregated Chart Data

Select aggregated chart data to download the data that is summarized from within the chart. This is useful if you need to show the chart data in a report, alongside an image of the chart.

File Name

You may enter an optional file name for your data download.

File Type

Choose between 3 file types for your data download:

  • csv - comma separated file
  • tsv - tab separated file
  • json - JavaScipt Object Notation (may not be readable by other spreadsheet programs)

Select csv or tsv if you would like to import this data into another spreadsheet program. JSON is a format mostly used by tech workers.

Include Header Row

Check this box to include a header row in the data download. Header names will be pulled from each column’s name.

Export Image

The other tab in the Export Dialog allows you to export chart images.