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One of the most time saving features in InstaCharts is the auto aggregation that is applied to produce the charts.

Auto Aggregation

All charts are aggregated via their X Axis and Group Axis (if there is one). You are able to choose the aggregation function applied to the Y Axis.

Aggregation Functions

Here is a list of the aggregation functions you can apply to the Y Axis. In the UI, they appear next to the Y Axis under the Math dropdown.

Numerical Y Axis

These are mathematical functions applied to the numbers within the column.

  • Sum Add all values together
  • Count Counts number of rows
  • Average Average of all values
  • Median Middle value
  • Min Smallest value
  • Max Largest value

All Y Axis Types

Since the values within the column may not be numbers, these are the functions that are applied to the values within the column.

  • Distinct Count of different values
  • Valid Counts rows with a value
  • Missing Count of rows missing a value