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Limit Items

Open the Limit Items panel from the left sidebar. It contains options to limit the number of items appearing in the chart.

Enable Limit Items

Limit Items is disabled by default. To turn it on, check the Limit items shown checkbox.

Number of Items

Specify the maximum number of items to show in the chart. For example, if a bar chart with 25 bars was produced, enter 10 in this field to limit it to the top (or bottom) 10 items.

Rank By

Choose to either show the largest X items in the chart, or the smallest X items in the chart.


Choose the axis that should have its items limited. The X Axis is chosen by default and may be the only option. If a grouped chart type is selected, you will be able to choose the Groups Axis to be limited.

Other Category

Check this checkbox to group any items that were too small (or too large) to pass the limit into an Others category.