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Scatterplot Chart

A scatterplot chart is a powerful tool for visually exploring the relationship between two continuous variables. It uses dots or markers to represent individual data points, where the position of each dot on the horizontal and vertical axes corresponds to the values for the two variables.

Scatterplot charts excel at identifying correlations between 2 numeric variables.

An example of an embedded scatterplot chart

Creating an Effective Scatterplot Chart

Below are the recommended data types to show on each axis:

  • X-Axis Numerical values
  • Y-Axis Numerical values

When to use a scatter plot chart

Scatter plots are appropriate to use when:

  • You have two numeric variables.
  • Your dependent variable may have multiple values for each value of your independent variable.
  • You are trying to determine whether two numeric variables are related.
  • You want to identify outliers or patterns in numeric data.
  • You want to compare two or more groups of numeric data.

Scatter plots are often used in scientific fields to visualize the results of experiments. They can also be used in business and other fields to identify and analyze trends in numeric data.