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A sheet holds all data from an uploaded spreadsheet file. It is also a container for any charts or shares created from the sheet.


A complete list of your sheets can be viewed from the dashboard.

View the sheets you've uploaded on the dashboard This dashboard contains 3 sheets

Double-click on a sheet to open it.

Sheets can be deleted and renamed from the dashboard via the row menu.

Upload new sheet

There are two ways to upload a new sheet from the dashboard:

  • Click the Add New Sheet button in the upper right corner
  • Drag and drop a spreadsheet file from your local file system to the dashboard


A sheet can contain multiple charts.

Each chart has its own set of filters applied to the sheet data. This makes it possible to highlight different portions of data, while sharing the same underlying data set.

Each chart has its own set of share controls, allowing you to share charts separately.

Shared Data

All charts contained in a sheet share the same underlying data set.

Editing the data

Any editing done on the underlying sheet data will be applied to all charts.

Deleting the sheet

A sheet can be deleted from the row menu on the dashboard, or it can be deleted through the sheet menu in the sheet itself.